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Rajiv Abraham

Rajiv Abraham

I’ve always liked to introduce myself as a Christian. Abraham, Christian (just doesn’t have the same ring as Bond, James Bond).


However, that brings me to the main raison d’être of Abraham.Life, how to have a successful, victorious, abundant, and blessed life – no matter what.

Let me start at the very beginning. Despite being a born again Christian and baptized in the Holy Spirit, I had serious trouble with sickness, lack, strife, relationships, etc. especially during the early part of my Christian walk.


Sadly, Christianity was not the blue pill or the red pill that fixed every ill in my life.


For years I struggled to get healing in my body. I was born with a ventricular septal defect, had an autoimmune disorder from a very young age, and simply had long and chronic periods of “regular” sickness like the flu, fever, etc. Being a born again Christian and walking in the Lord, I would have assumed to not have any sickness or weakness in my life, or otherwise thought that victory was mine for the taking. However, no such easy victory came my way and it was not for any lack of trying on my part. Also, the struggle was not only in the area of health, but also in other areas like finances, relationships, the workplace, business ventures, decision-making, etc.


Any struggle with finance was stupefying to say the least, because I used to tithe as much as 40% of my income to the local church. I’m serious, I would double tithe 20%, give another 10% for the church building fund, and another 10% towards missionaries and missionary work. And I still struggled with finances and lack from time to time. I’m not saying I did not have a good life. On the contrary I did have a very good life. I travelled a lot, mostly first-class, ate and stayed at some of the very best places, wore the best of brands, and even had 3 cars and a couple of homes. However, none of my bank accounts, fixed deposits, investments, etc. were overflowing or even bursting at the seams. The best that I can describe, it was luxurious living from paycheck to paycheck.


Added to that, I was sick all the time, what the doctors termed chronic disease. I would have chronic pain, usually a 5 on the pain rating scale, and those were the good days. On the bad days, and I had a lot of them, the pain would be a constant 8 or 9. Now you might be thinking jeez why not pray? Honestly I did just that, in fact I did a lot of praying on a daily basis, a good 6 hours or more every single day. More on that later, but I was sick, miserable, and in pain all the time.


I attended every prayer meeting I could, every healing service that I heard about, and have had many mighty men of God lay their hands on me for healing. I even sought treatment from many doctors, and spent a lot of money on the best available healthcare, but despite everything I continued to be sick and sicker.


If you are thinking the Christian walk ain’t all that it is cracked up to be then you wouldn’t be far off the mark. Until of course I realized the error of my ways and discovered how the Christian life should really be lived. The discovery I made was a simple word “RHEMA”.


RHEMA simply means the “spoken word”, but more importantly in the born again believer’s Christian walk it means God speaking to you about our current situation. The secret to successful and victorious living I discovered was to hear what God had to say about my situation, and then do what He said. The mistake I had been making was trying to live on somebody else’s revelation/instruction that was specific to their situation. That would be like trying to run my vehicle on fuel that was inside another vehicle, or my body trying to get nourishment from the food that you have eaten! Fat chance of that working right?


The solution was very simple, I just had to hear for myself what God wanted me to do for my situation, and enjoy the victory as long as I followed through with the instructions implicitly. If I needed healing, then I needed to hear from God what I needed to do to receive the healing. Likewise, if I needed finances then I had to hear from God what to do in this situation. More importantly the RHEMA Word had to be fresh and constant if I wanted to continue walking in victory in every area of my life.


Let me explain how the RHEMA Word helped me in a couple of situations in my life. Among the many sicknesses I used to suffer from, headache was a big one. I used to suffer from chronic headaches that would leave me in constant pain for days on end. I tried everything from diet and exercise to prescription medication, but nothing helped. Migraine headaches had a hold on my life and it seemed I would never be free of them.


Once I had the revelation about the RHEMA Word, I began to put it into practice in my life. I prayed and asked God what I should do about the headaches, and pat came the reply drink X quantity of water daily. That was it, nothing more and nothing less. No further instruction, no visions, and certainly no angels singing on my doorstep. I had to take it by faith and act on it, which I did. The headaches went away, and never came back. Sometimes I would fall back into my old ways and stop drinking the required quantity of water, and the headaches would come knocking on my door, and I would immediately remedy the situation by going back on my water diet.


Let me tell you of another instance of the RHEMA Word working in the area of finances. I needed money, and very urgently. I did not have it, and did not know anyone to borrow from either. So finally and in desperation I sought the Lord about a solution out of my financial predicament. The RHEMA Word was very clear, sow X amount into X ministry. I obeyed immediately. In a few days, I had money come in that was 11 times the amount I had sown into the ministry. For example if I had given 1,000 bucks to a ministry based on the RHEMA Word, a few days later I had 11,000 bucks in my possession.


Yes, a 11 fold ROI. I heard the Lord speak to me, here is the X you sowed, and here is a 10 fold ROI on it.


Now who wouldn’t want similar ROI (or even better) on all of their investments. Well I can assure you it is certainly possible, and possible every single time provided you are acting on the RHEMA Word.


Now as a result of this discovery, and walking my Christian life based solely on the revelation of the RHEMA word, I have continued to enjoy victory in every area of my life. That does not mean that I do not have problems, everybody has problems, even born again believers. However, I do have the wisdom of God in the form of revelation knowledge and the RHEMA Word available to me about how to overcome every problem and obstacle in my life. I continue to have an extremely blessed life - in the areas of health, finances, relationships, the work that I do, the people I interact with, all of my various businesses and investments, etc.


I can share hundreds of instances about how the RHEMA word has given me breakthrough and victory, however the key takeaway I want to share with you is this. You need the RHEMA Word to dig yourself out of every pit that you have managed to put yourself into by not receiving the RHEMA Word.


I have a lot more to share on the subject of receiving the RHEMA Word and revelation knowledge. If you want to hear more on this subject, then please do sign up to receive my newsletter, and also bookmark this website and return frequently for more updates.

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